If This Shit Can Happen To Me…

                           It Can Happen To Anyone!

Rape…yep the sound of it is enough to give you goose pimples and more. I have decided I am going to write about events in my life as nothing nice has ever happened and I do not want anyone else falling into these traps I consider myself lucky to of got out of these situations but I fear anyone not as hardened to life would not survive these types of events in fact I am sure they wouldn’t. Life can be cruel through no fault of your own. I hardened up quickly as I was abused by my adopted father and learnt pretty quick to think on my feet. I wish that had not been the way as that set my life path. I could never understand how a person who had adopted you could be so damn cruel but there you go he was, I am glad he is dead, I enjoyed spending the money he left me on having a good time as I know he would of hated that 😉

Anyhow I was going to tell you about a rape well a attempted rape. I was going for a tube train when suddenly I felt my jewellery being ripped from my neck and before I knew it I was being dragged into an underground beer and the cheeky bastard even offered me a drink. My mind was racing how to get out of this with out this bastard raping me then I spotted some headlights pulling into the garages and seized my chance and jumped in front of the car, the would be rapist ran off and I broke an ankle but the driver took me to hospital, I would rather have a broken ankle than get raped and catch god knows what by some of the scum of the world who thought he could just take what he wanted. So much has happened to me really I should not be alive but I guess I’m a born survivor, worse has happened to me, a lot worse and I suppose I will get round writing about it, or I might dictate it and get someone else to write it, its hard to think about it and write about it at the same time. There was a lot more to this obviously but if I think too deep I will get depressed and its going to be like this all my life, add that to the state of my health and one has to wonder if its worse going on. You see the thing I worry about the most is getting so ill I cannot get hold of what I need to end my life, and have to live a miserable life having people wipe me ass etc, that really worries me and things keep happening and id have to get a cab and just hang around to get what I need and as you can see I’m ill chance’s are id get ripped off….god this is terrible, things just keep getting worse why?…..I am a nice person.



I’ve Become Mad Cat Lady….

Arrrrrrrrrgh I have just realised I have become bloody cat lady, how the hell did that happen? Oooooh that’s a bit of a worry and I ain’t even got a bloody cat no more as my ex neighbour ran him over, I made that mans life ill until he eventually died, it was not the fact he had run over and killed my cat, it was the fact he new it was my cat but didn’t even have the balls to come and tell me another neighbour did, so the mental switch was flipped lol ;)…. I miss my cat, but glad the neighbours dead 🙂

So now I seem to of become a loner I just realised this and I ain’t got a cat and cannot get another as I now have C.O.P.D that would be about right isn’t it. I was watching a You-Tube video about a place in California called “Slab City” I thought that is just what I need so I am considering going out there, there is nowhere like it in the U.K I will put the video at the end of this you will all probably think I’m mad but I’m starting to feel claustrophobic here in the U.K and think it would do me good to get away for a while and it may be just what I’m looking for.thSKJJ939H

Funny how much one can change I used to drink, smoke  and take every drug in the world but now I don’t. The TV is shit, there really isn’t nowhere to go no more unlike before when you could walk into a pub and people you  knew would be in there. For one it’s to expensive in London plus it’s bloody dangerous now, I never thought  I would think it was too dangerous to be out at night but I’m afraid it is and it isn’t an age thing it’s just there are too many nasty people out there now, why put yourself its danger, and yes I know its bollocks but nobody is prepared to do anything about it. I am 51 now and I really do not want to be in London no longer.

So take a look at “Slab City” and feel free to comment no doubt you will all call me mad but that’s O.K because I Know lol 😉